Llévame en tu bicicleta

Marissa, our lab artist and microCT connoisseur, sketched this wonderful logo for out latest t-shirts. It shows one of our core activities as members of the Chipojo Lab. None of us can come even close to keeping up with el Chipojo, and depicted here is a sketch of what would help us go the extra … Continue reading Llévame en tu bicicleta

Marissa’s First Salamander!!

A limerick for the night:  After an hour, the rain had passed  Toads, frogs, and salamanders amassed  They stared back, even a newt  All posed for their photo shoot  My expectations, the night had surpassed  I truly enjoyed the night. I did not expect to see has many little critters as we did, all fascinating … Continue reading Marissa’s First Salamander!!

Brighter is not always better

Those that follow the Chipojoblog are familiar with one of our core tenets: strive as best you can to design experiments under natural conditions. This philosophy reflects my own view that behavior should be studied in the field whenever possible. Our recent paper in Current Zoology, “Visual playback of colorfulsignals in the field supports sensory drive … Continue reading Brighter is not always better